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We offer a wide variety of wheat, diet, rye, brown and whole grain bread; pita breads, round loaves, Easter bread, freshly baked and quick-frozen products, manufactured with care in our production facilities in Dobrich and Varna.


Dobrudjanski Hliab

We offer a wide variety of freshly baked products under the brand "Dobrudjanski Hliab": Basic and toaster breads, whole grain breads and Easter breads, ritual breads, flour, bread crumbs, croutons, etc. Our registered trademarks are "Dobrudjanski Hliab", "Gergana", "Nashenski vkus", "Dobrotitsa" and other graphic and word marks.

VITA product range

The VITA brand is the leader in the product portfolio of Dobrudjanski Hliab AD with its two series of whole grain products:

Vita Silhouette are 100% whole grain breads without white flour among their ingredients. The diet breads from the Vita Silhouette series are essential for everyone struggling to lose weight. They make following a diet not only effective, but also healthy and tasty.

Vita Balance are whole grain breads boasting a unique balance between good taste and health benefits. They are made of 60% whole grain flour.


The "TeigMeister" brand includes both freshly baked and frozen products, prepared according to established Austrian, German, Russian and other recipes, which contribute to the variety of the product range and ensure the guaranteed German quality and technology developed by our production lines’ manufacturer.

Baking the products in hearth furnaces gives them a crispy crust and an authentic taste and our own starters used for preparing them not only enhance their taste, but also extend their shelf-life, without adding any preservatives.

High quality

We are ISO and HACCP certified and we also have a certification under the international standard IFS (International Food Standard). These certificates ensure a high level of hygiene and safety to our products and also allow us to sell our products internationally.

In Bulgaria

Dobrudjanski Hliab AD has developed a distributor network with a 100% national coverage in more than 60 cities in Bulgaria. Over 5,000 retail stores are our end customers. Our company has its own logistic centres in Dobrich, Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Shumen and General Toshevo.