Geography and nationality of bread: part 2

Our Mother Earth gave a variety of grains to nations, which they used to prepare their daily bread in a variety of ways. Here is a short list of the different types of bread characteristic for certain nations:

  • Mexico – tortilla
  • Scotland – oatcakes, scottles
  • France – baguette; crepe; pandemi; bread with walnuts or hazelnuts
  • Germany – Roggenmischbrot; Kurbiskernbrot; potato bread, stollen
  • Austria – strudel, Vienna bread
  • Italy – polenta, pizza, pasta, panetone
  • Russia – oladi, dumplings, blini, pirogs, biscuits, buckwheat
  • Greece – bread with olives, bread with sunflower seeds, pita bread
  • Armenia – lavash, matnakash
  • Turkey – baklava, kadaif
  • Romania – mamaliga, Easter bread
  • Serbia – lepinja with cream

Whether they use lotus like the Egyptians, bunia-bunia, nardus or wild yams roots like the Aborigines of Australia; acorns and cedar seeds, amaranth like the Indians; or just rice, potatoes, corn, rye, oats and buckwheat like many other nations, people continue to highly appreciate bread and to prepare it or buy it every day for their meals.

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