Awards for European management and innovation

During an official meeting to honour the National Holiday, the 3rd of March, Dobrudjanski Hliab AD, as an honoured member of the Council of the EU Business Community was awarded a “GOLDEN STAMP” for European management and innovation and a “GOLDEN BOOK”honorary badge for prestige and public recognition of the company’s contribution to the development of the Bulgarian management and innovations.

In honour of the National Holiday of the Republic of Bulgaria, these awards are given to publicly recognised representatives of the Bulgarian research, cultural and business elite and to Bulgarian settlements with unique cultural heritage. The honorary badge “GOLDEN BOOK” is made of 24-carat gold in the Mint of Bulgaria and has the form of an open book. The stamp can be used for stamping some important documents of Dobrudjanski Hliab AD in its correspondence with the institutions in Bulgaria and the European countries. The companies that hold the “GOLDEN STAMP” award for European management, honorary members of the Council of the EU Business Community, are presented in the Invest Bulgaria Agency, in the Ministry of Economy, in our commercial representations in the European capital cities and the cities with a status of unique European settlement. The nominations are made by 180 popular representatives of the Bulgarian cultural, research and business elite, who hold golden awards from the Council of the EU Business Community and the Council of the European Research and Cultural Community and also by representatives of 156 Bulgarian cities and villages holding the award for unique European settlement because of their ancient history and culture.

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